Sitting all day long is killing your creativity.

86% of people sit all day long at their desks.
67% of those polled don’t like it.

Here’s the good news…there is now a better way.

Sit Less. Focus More. Build Better Habits.
And Become So Active At Work You’ll Never Feel Guilty For Skipping the Gym Again.

Learn step-by-step how to effortlessly become more active at your desk, generate creative focus on demand (and eliminate distractions), have more mental stamina, and arrive home to your family with energy to spare.*

*Without finding extra time to exercise.

4 Important Things You’ll Learn In The ‘Move Yourself’ Program:

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    Why Movement Is So Important

    Learn why movement is so important for generating energy, creative focus, and maintaining mental stamina for those brutally long days in front of your workstation.

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    How to Set Your Goals (And Achieve Them)

    Learn why even though you’ve set goals for yourself in the past and haven’t reached them, how one simple psychological tweak can change everything.

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    How to Create A More 'Dynamic' Work Environment

    Learn how to create a more dynamic environment, how to (affordably) ‘hack’ your seated workstation so you can stand, and how to surround yourself with the right tools to be active (and focused) all day long.

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    How to Build Healthier Habits (That Stick)

    Learn why building a system around the right habits is so important to your long term success, how to reverse engineer your bad habits into healthier ones, and how to use your new habits to generate energy and creative focus on demand.

About the Author, Zack Arnold:

I am the creator of the wellness program Fitness In Post. I have been a feature film & television editor for fifteen years (Empire, Glee, Burn Notice), so I’m no stranger to working 12-16 hour days under high amounts of stress in dark rooms chained to a workstation.

Ten years ago after battling suicidal depression brought on by my less-than-ideal working conditions, I decided I was going to learn everything I could about performing at the highest level possible. I was tired of surviving…I wanted to thrive.

Thus began my personal development quest. After ten years and over $75,000 spent experimenting with and learning about human psychology, neuroscience, diet, exercise, productivity, and just simply finding a little balance in life, I have cracked the code for myself.

Now I want to share everything I’ve learned with you.