[Podcast] Ep114: What Every College Student (and Recent Grad) Needs to Know About ‘Making It’ In Hollywood, pt1

Let’s be honest…many of the poor habits that we have living in front of our computers did not materialize overnight. Instead they formed very slowly over years and years, and most likely many of the bad habits that you carry with you today started way back in college, or when you were a recent graduate killing yourself trying to “make it” in the film industry.

Recently I was approached by Austin Coburn, a current student at George Fox University in Oregon, because unlike many college students who spend endless all-nighters getting their projects done fueled by Red Bull and fast food, Austin realized at an early age how detrimental neglecting his health was to his creativity. He was so intrigued by this concept he decided to take it upon himself to direct a documentary film about seeking some form of work-life balance in the world of filmmaking and post-production. Because he was an avid listener of this podcast, he reached out to me to be an interview subject for the film, and I found his questions and his perspective so engaging I wanted to invite him to be a guest on this show to share the student’s point of view, one I don’t get to share too often on this show.

This episode is part one of a two part conversation where the first part is me doing the interviewing, but then in part two the roles are reversed and I become the interviewee. Click Here for Part 2.

If you’re interested in learning how to combat the stress of being a student or graduate at an early age and not letting your bad habits get the best of you later in life, this two part interview is the place to start.

If you’d like to share any horror stories or experiences about being a student, please feel free to reach out to Austin at [email protected]

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Topics of Conversation:

  • What led Austin to produce a documentary on post-production wellness
  • The overlooked health of college film students
  • How students view the demands of the industry
  • Balancing a career and family life
  • The dangers of valuing time over talent
  • Learning to develop good working habits
  • How to stop viewing yourself as a machine
  • Breaking the hold of late night fast food runs on your diet
  • Learning to say no (and not loathe yourself in the process)
  • Dealing with information overload and focusing on improving a few skills at a time

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Share your story with Austin: [email protected]

Guest Bio:

Austin is a senior film student at George Fox University near Portland, Oregon. He is currently working on a documentary about finding life balance while working as a young professional in the post-production industry.

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