[Podcast] Ep18: The Science of Anxiety and Depression

This episode was inspired by our previous episode, “Let’s Talk About Mental Illness.” In this episode I speak to Dr. Edison de Mello and neuropsychologist Dr. Michael Mark about the science and biology behind anxiety and depression. We talk about these concepts at the biological, chemical, and neuroelectrical levels, and more importantly, we discuss treatment protocols that go well beyond “popping pills.”

If you prefer to read the interview, click here to view the transcript.

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Topics of Conversation:

Why there is so much anxiety and “circumstantial” depression in the film industry

How diet and psychology factor into treating depression beyond pharmacology

What is cortisol, why you need it, and why too much is bad for you

Using qEEG and LORETTA to measure neuroelectrical signals in the brain and identify depression or anxiety

How depression and anxiety are quantifiable

How to identify whether you need to see a professional or if you just need “a good night’s sleep”

The cultural expectation that men can’t be “sad” and women can’t be “angry”

The generalized picture of a introductory session in integrative medicine

A generalized treatment protocol for a new patient who has anxiety or depression

What an initial session looks like for neurofeedback to treat anxiety or depression

Neurofeedback is just “playing a game, and your brain is the joystick”

What a “default brain network” is in laymen’s terms

The brain being a combination of fast & slow frequencies and how they relate to anxiety and depression

Using biofeedback and Heartmath to reduce anxiety

How to properly breath from the belly to increase oxygen intake

Useful Links:

The Akasha Center

NeuroEdge Centers

What is a qEEG?

What is LORETTA?

Heartmath emWave Pro (contact us about our FiP discount)

Blog post: “Neurofeedback, pt1: My Journey”

About Our Guests:

Dr. Edison de Mello

Dr. Michael Mark 

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This episode was edited by Kristin Martinand the show was executive produced by Kanen Flowers. We are a member of the THAT STUDIO podcast network.

The music in the opening and closing of the show is courtesy of Dorian Cheah from his brilliant album ARA.

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