[Podcast] Ep20: The FiP Program, Shedding Belly Fat, and EMF Pollution

This episode is a question & answer episode where I answer the most common question I get: How does the Fitness In Post program work? And after answering that question I answer specific questions submitted by users via social media. I talk about different strategies to lose belly fat, and I discuss EMF (electromagnetic fields) and how to mitigate the negative health effects they have on us as professionals who work with electronics all day long.

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Topics of Conversation:

Understanding the 5 steps of the Fitness In Post program

“How do I lose the excess fat around my waist?”

– You make 6-pack abs in the kitchen, not the gym

– Stress levels and weight loss

– How sleep affects weight loss

– Getting lots of low level activity throughout the day

“How can I mitigate or avoid the EMF radiation that comes from working with electronics all day long?”

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Nutreínce (All natural liquid multivitamin)


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The Fitness In Post Program

The Fitness In Post Resources

GO FAR: The Christopher Rush Story

My treadmill desk and why it’s easier than you think

Resources I reference about fat loss:

Mark Sisson – “Tips For Removing Excess Body Fat”

Mark Sisson – “17 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight”

USA Today – “How Sleep Loss Leads to Significant Weight Gain”

Dave Asprey – “How to Hack Your Sleep”

Mark Sisson – “The Definitive Guide to Sleep”

Resources to learn more about EMF & negative ions:

Ben Greenfield – “7 Ways to Reduce Electrical Pollution In Your Office”

Ben Greenfield – “How to Hunt Down and Destroy Health Hazards In Your Environment”

Lapka Personal Environment Monitor

Mark Sisson – “What are the Health Benefits of Negative Ions?”

The Fat Burning Man – “Beat Electronic Pollution”

Negative Ion Generator

Himalayan Salt Lamp

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The music in the opening and closing of the show is courtesy of Dorian Cheah from his brilliant album ARA.

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