[Podcast] Ep45: How Reality Editor Gray Jones Lost 60 Pounds

Gray Jones is an accomplished reality television editor (here are his credits on IMDB), who recently completed his journey to lose 60 pounds. He is no stranger to a sedentary lifestyle and long hours, but he bucked the trend and decided it was time to make a serious change in his life. And the greatest part about his story is that he lost the weight doing nothing more than making a series of very simple, small changes over time.

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Topics of Conversation:

  • Gray’s background and experience as an editor and how his health deteriorated over the years after falling into a sedentary lifestyle
  • The sign Gray received that made him realize he had to make a change in his life
  • Gray deciding he wasn’t going to “diet,” he was going to make a “lifestyle change” that was permanent
  • Where Gray started on day 1 and the actionable steps and small changes that he followed to lose the weight

– The pros and cons of eating right before bed and/or staggering your meals to maintain your metabolism

  • How Gray tracks his sleep, steps, and caloric intake to develop awareness

– Gray’s decision to cut soda out of his life and why he never looked back

  • How sugar is more addictive than cocaine or heroine and why you’re unwilling to give up soda
  • How reading nutrition labels can change your life, and Gray’s discovery of how many foods have artificial sweeteners
  • How to change your perspective from pushing the boulder up the mountain to gently nudging the snowball down the mountain
  • Gray’s way to include “cheat foods” into his diet without really cheating

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