[Podcast] Ep 49: How to Overcome Yo-Yo Dieting and Make Lasting Changes

Kenn Bell is a filmmaking everyman: He has directed, edited, produced, been a director of photography, created his own shows….you name it, Ken has experience doing it. His crowning achievement is the immensely popular web series and website The Dog Files.
But our conversation today is not about filmmaking, it’s about Ken’s lifelong journey of yo-yo dieting and gaining, losing, gaining again, and often losing upwards of 75 to 100 pounds. We discuss the many things he did that didn’t work, but more importantly we talk about the strategies he has used to keep the weight off on a more permanent basis, and how the quality of his life has changed drastically because of these changes.
If you want to end deprivation and crash diets and find lifelong changes that last (and that you enjoy), then Ken’s story is for you.
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Topics of Conversation:

  • Ken’s background as a filmmaker and animal advocate
  • How Ken will spend years on a single project, how that has affected his health, and why he decided it was time to focus on his health to be a better filmmaker
  • Ken discovering the power of walking and how powerful it can be for losing weight
  • How being overweight made it incredibly hard for Ken to shoot docs in the field and how it was a warning sign to make a change
  • Ken discovering The 10-Day Detox Diet and deciding to eliminate sugar from his diet
  • Ken’s strategies for dealing with traveling and conventions
  • Ken’s experience detoxing from sugar and how it is akin to detoxing from heroine, but how after 5 days he felt like he could take over the world
  • How just changing his cooking methods helped Ken effortlessly lose weight
  • How Ken starting making ‘lifestyle choices’ rather than choosing ‘diets’
  • The specific things Ken did that DIDN’T work (e.g. Weight Watchers)
  • Ken’s recipe for his morning smoothie that helps him lose weight
  • How making an investment in your health now is like a 401k

Useful Links:

Ken’s Website The Dog Files

Dr. Mark Hyman’s 10-Day Detox Diet

My review of the book ‘Rich Food, Poor Food’

The documentary film ‘Fed Up’

The Calorie Myth



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