[Podcast] Ep71: How Movement Makes You Smarter

It’s no secret that exercise can be good for us, and most people even know by now that regular exercise can help us feel better too. But there is a huge difference between the “Runner’s high” that most people assume is the only regular benefit of exercise beyond burning calories, and the full potential that exercise and regular movement throughout the day have on improving your overall health…and brain power.

In this episode I have an in-depth conversation with Dr. John Ratey, a clinical psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, and the author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and The Brain about how regular exercise and movement can actually improve your brain power and make you smarter. We discuss the immense impact regular exercise can have on cognitive function, memory, attention issues, and stress. And on the flip side, we discuss how lack of exercise and movement are literally shrinking your brain and impairing your cognitive function.

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Zack Arnold is an award-winning film & television editor (Burn Notice, Empire, Shooter, Glee), member of the American Cinema Editors, a documentary director (GO FAR: The Christopher Rush Story), and creator of the Optimize Yourself program (formerly ‘Fitness In Post’). He helps ambitious creative professionals like you learn how to more efficiently manage your time, energy, and attention so you can maximize your creative focus and minimize procrastination, depression, and burnout. After all, what’s the point of killing yourself for the sake of your career if you don’t have energy to spare for the most important people in your life?