[Podcast] Ep79: How to Stay Healthy at Conventions & Events

For many in the post-production industry, traveling to conventions & events is just part of the business. Whether it’s NAB in Las Vegas, Editor’s Retreat, or any of the multitude of educational conferences worldwide, those conventions can be treated like paid vacations which means leaving your healthy habits at home. And if this is your choice, fantastic! More power to you. Enjoy yourself and live life.

But for some people, attending large conventions like NAB can be difficult because they prefer to maintain their healthy habits so they have plenty of energy and focus to get the most out of their experience and education. But between the meet-ups, the parties, and the drinking, it can be nearly impossible to even stand upright by the final day.

For those of you looking for helpful tactics and strategies to make your next convention or event a healthier one, I have an in-depth discussion with Katie Hinsen who created the #HealthyNABChallenge, taking it upon herself to make her visit to NAB this year as healthy and productive as possible.



Topics of Conversation:

  • How Katie approached me with her idea to start the #HealthyNABChallenge
  • What is NAB and why is it so unhealthy?
  • Why Katie decided she needed to change her lifestyle and be more healthy
  • Katie’s background with Celiac Disease and the seriousness of her condition
  • How difficult it is to find healthy food in Vegas and at NAB
  • NAB IS A PARTY! You can treat it as such if you want, but maybe you can be healthy while doing it….
  • Challenge #1: Food (She and Boon-Shin tried 37 bars to prepare for NAB)
  • The two things you need to look for when finding a meal replacement bar
  • Katie’s coffee tips
  • Challenge #2: Activity (and we’re not just talking steps here)
  • How 15 minutes of yoga can make you feel refreshed
  • Katie was even able to fit in short workouts during the busy weekend!
  • The benefits of morning activity
  • 3 must haves for traveling to events like NAB: melatonin patch, exercise & water 
  • Challenge #3: Alcohol (How to cut back without looking totally lame)
  • Pacing your alcohol consumption
  • How having a defined purpose helped Katie succeed
  • How to get out of a slump when you lose your motivation
  • It’s better to get started than to think about everything you’re not doing! So just start!

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Yoga gloves & yoga socks


Guest Bio:

Originally from New Zealand, Katie Hinsen is a New York­based, award­winning Finishing Artist with credits on over 80 major productions. Over her 18­year career she has worked as an engineer, editor, VFX artist, Stereoscopic 3D artist, colorist and finishing artist; on commercials, documentaries, television, music videos, short and feature films. Outside of the office she is a passionate advocate for emerging talent, providing mentorship and serving at the Executive level of a number of industry­based non­profit organizations including Gaia Community Initiatives and the One Voice project in New Zealand, and the Blue Collar Post Collective in New York

Katie Hinsen on Twitter: @katiehinsen

Show Credits:

This episode was edited by Curtis Fritsch, the show notes were prepared by Natalie Boschan, and this show is executive produced by Kanen Flowers. We are a member of the THAT STUDIO podcast network.

The music in the opening and closing of the show is courtesy of Dorian Cheah from his brilliant album ARA.

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