[Podcast] Ep 09: Test Group Update, week 9

In this episode I check in with Adam Bedford and David Dean, two members of my initial test group. We discuss their progress…several different Beachbody exercise programs like Power 90, P90X3, and the upcoming P90…standing workstations and how to request them…making small daily changes to increase activity…the benefits of Shakeology at the office…and much more!

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P90 – Coming Soon

Brain Octane Oil

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Bulletproof Executive Radio, ep #123

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David Dean

Adam Bedford

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This episode was edited by Kristin Martin (@KristinCMartin), show notes were written by Maciek Kaliski (@MaciekKaliski), and the show was executive produced by Kanen Flowers (@iamkanen). We are a member of the THAT STUDIO podcast network.

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