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While waiting a few minutes for your very first action steps to hit your inbox (yes, you already have homework), please take 2 minutes to watch this video.

Interested in working with me one-on-one to accelerate your progress?

If this opportunity sounds like the right fit for you, apply below to get your name on the list for 'Optimize Yourself Elite,' my coaching & mentorship program. Enrollment is extremely limited.

"I didn't realize how impactful and hopeful I would find this program to be. I feel determined, empowered, and able to execute a real difference in my life (and those in my life I love the most). The realization that I can build systems into my day has become my "north star" to guide all of my decisions. Thank you Zack. I owe my future success to you!"

- Barry Andersson, Director & Filmmaker

What Is 'Optimize Yourself Elite'?

'Optimize Yourself Elite' is a private coaching & mentorship program where you and I will work together for 12 weekly sessions. We will break down your goals, identify the obstacles standing in your way, and then design your unique roadmap to success.

Think about it this way: You will basically have me in your back pocket 24/7.

For the first six weeks you and I will work through the 'Design Yourself' program together to help you build a simple and repeatable system so you can set and achieve any goal, and the remaining six weeks of the program will be choose-your-own-adventure style. Whatever goals you decide to set, I'll help you achieve them!

Everyone needs a coach to guide them in the right direction, push them outside their comfort zone, and provide accountability and support along the way.

I want to be the coach in your corner helping you succeed.

"Living my life with intent has improved my life dramatically. I've been in a good mood literally since last Wednesday just because of our conversations and me looking forward to knowing there is a route ahead of me. You have helped me pull back the curtain and shown me the path. It's still scary as heck but I don't have the same kind of intimidation by a long shot."

- Abbey Gonka, Soon-to-Be Music Video Editor

What's included:

  • x12 weekly 1-hour video coaching sessions via Zoom (with an allowance to reschedule up to 4 sessions)
  • A full assessment to understand your unique goals and obstacles so we can focus on the right actions you should take to achieve success
  • Weekly homework and action steps based on your assessment
  • Private access to my Slack channel so you can ask questions any time you'd like (you basically have me in your back pocket)
  • Free access to my 'Move Yourself' program
  • Free access to the beta version of my 'Focus Yourself’ program (still in development)
  • Lifetime access to the Optimize Yourself 'Inner Circle'
  • mp3 Audio files of all coaching sessions for your future review and reference
  • Lunch with me at my office (if you're local to Los Angeles or you choose to travel at your own expense)

"The day I started working with Zack I was more scared than I can ever remember. When you finally face the forces holding you back from getting what you want out of life...fear is probably a good thing. The decision to join 'Design Yourself' is one of the best choices I've made in my life. Zack taught me how to adjust my own daily game and cut through the fog of my "busy life." After completing the coaching program the two biggest changes are my feelings of clarity and confidence as I continue my journey. Zack has earned my highest recommendation.

- Chris Cavanagh, Film Editor