Sit Less. Focus More. Build Better Habits. And Become So Active At Work You'll Never Feel Guilty For Skipping the Gym Again.

Learn the simple system I developed while editing hit TV shows like Empire and Burn Notice that helped me overcome suicidal depression and constant creative burnout (plus needing Adderall just to do my laundry) that now allows me to generate endless energy, mental stamina, and creative focus at the snap of a finger.* 

*without needing extra time to "hit the gym"

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In this 100% FREE Online Workshop You'll Learn:

  • Why after a long day of sitting you're exhausted (even though you haven't done anything all day!) and how to fix this
  • How generating more energy & focus can allow you to work "smarter," not "harder," leave the office earlier than everyone else, and arrive home to your family with energy to spare!
  • Why "Which office chair should I buy?" is the wrong question to ask (and what you should be asking instead)
  • How to fill your office with the essential tools that will help you effortlessly become more active (INCLUDING a height-adjustable workstation) for less than the price of a single office chair!
  • The #1 habit you can start doing today to upgrade your attention span and become up to 40% more productive 

Nobody ever lies on their deathbed saying, "I wish I had spent more time sitting."

Presented by: Zack Arnold

• Creator, Optimize Yourself

• Creator, Fitness In Post

• Film & Television Editor

(Empire, Underground, Burn Notice)

• Documentary Director

(GO FAR: The Christopher Rush Story)