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Design your unique path towards the more balanced, more sustainable, and more fulfilling creative career that you deserve*

*without sacrificing your health, your relationships, or your sanity in the process

Optimizer Coaching & Mentorship – Work With Me

Reconnect with
your creative passions

Develop the superpower
of hyperfocus

Have the confidence
you are on the right path

“What I really appreciate about working with Zack is that he’s so supportive. He helps me stay focused. We take a goal and he helps me focus on the most important point so I don’t get distracted by all the things I want to do. Having a structure that is so easy to understand is HUGE for me. Zack saved my life when I couldn’t find work and things were dark and depressing. He inspired me to still love my career.”

– Krysia Szyszlo

“OMG doesn’t even begin to describe it…after the Office Hours with Zack I sent my dream contact an email about meeting, and we spoke TODAY! He was so impressed I got a hold of him and told me when I was back in LA we “have to meet up.” I’m on cloud nine right now! For the first time I really see myself on the pathway to the career I want. It’s not a dream anymore, it looks more like a reality.”

– Matthew Farrugia

“This program has been so helpful in building my confidence. Your commitment to helping others who are navigating this career path is truly appreciated and I can’t thank you enough for the effort you’ve invested. Specifically practicing the Focus Yourself techniques has helped me better balance my full time job with other projects as well as time with family & friends.

– Alyssa Hance

Nobody ever said that building your dream career would be easy.

It’s a good thing you don’t have to do it alone.

Join an energetic, ambitious, and focused community of creative professionals just like you optimizing every aspect of our lives to reach our fullest creative potential.

Best of all…we’re doing it all from home in our pajamas. 😜



(you had me at ‘pajamas’)

00 Days
00 Hours
00 Minutes
00 Seconds
- Scott Davis, Feature Film Assistant Editor

“This feels weird to say during a global pandemic, but I am doing really good and getting so many things done that have been on my plate for a looong time. I would have lost my sh*t big time without this. Thank you Zack for helping me gain the abilities to deal with this situation. I can’t express my gratitude enough. You are a true leader!”

- Scott Davis, Feature Film Assistant Editor

“Why Didn’t Anyone Warn Me It Would Be This Hard?”

No matter your creative craft, when it all comes down to it if you’re an ambitious creative like me, your passion…your OBSESSION is telling meaningful stories. You live to make people feel something.

What you do for a living is not only your job...it has now become your identity. And all it's cost you in return is your soul.

There are few professions as rewarding as being a creative, but there are also few as draining, as frustrating, as soul-sucking, or as confusing to navigate.

When you began your career you gave it everything you had simply for the sake of learning, collaborating, and having the opportunity to help other people realize their dreams. You would do anything!

At one point “Exposure Bucks” were enough to pay your bills, and you took whatever gig came your way, working like a machine to build credits and hone your craft. You thought you were unstoppable.

Then came a whopping dose of reality…followed by “the crash.”

Little did you know all that energy directed towards helping others achieve their dreams would be at the expense of your own. Years later you are stuck in a job you don’t want, and the passion for your craft is all but gone.

Now you most likely find yourself asking:

“How did I end up here?”

Listen…life gets the best of all of us at some point. Any of these sound familiar?

You are stuck climbing the wrong career ladder but too afraid to make the transition to something more fulfilling because you have to pay the bills


Your default answer is “Yes” to the needs of others but the only person you say “No” to is yourself


You often take on too many projects because you don’t want to “let people down,” but the long hours and the insane demands of the entertainment industry have pushed you to the brink of exhaustion and burnout


You struggle to set boundaries around your time, and at the end of the day you end up only accomplishing a fraction of what you intended


You struggle to focus and you find yourself chronically procrastinating (until your deadline is so close it puts the fear of God into you)


You gave up trying because there are just too many people competing for so few opportunities, and there isn’t enough room for you


You feel stuck in a rut, and you’re not utilizing your time to move your career forwards


You’ve been doing the same job for years (or even decades) because it feels “safe,” and you feel the pressure to maintain instead of taking the chance to grow


You have no idea what the path looks like to get where you want to be



You are convinced that balancing a successful career and a life outside of your job is IMPOSSIBLE.

- Katie Cornblath

“Your class was amazing and helped me out so much! I am so much better at following up with people now and because of that I got a dream job interview. Thank you!”

- Katie Cornblath
The problem isn’t that you lack motivation, discipline, or willpower

The problem is YOU DON’T HAVE A PLAN

If you work in a creative industry, you know how important it is to have a plan, a schedule, and deadlines (even the insane ones). And there’s no doubt that when asked to do the impossible…YOU. ALWAYS. DELIVER.

So then why do we struggle to meet our own demands and achieve our own goals?

Because at no point in our lives has someone taught us how to define our goals and design a realistic plan to achieve them. (And don’t even get me started on time management for creative people like us…)

As an editor & director, I’ve spent the last twenty years of my career properly sequencing complex story structures with multiple twists and turns such that I can maximize the emotional impact for my audience.

As your coach & mentor it will be my job to help you restructure and rewrite the next draft of your story to maximize your impact on the world. But I can’t help you write your story without a plan.

Unlike becoming a doctor, lawyer, or accountant, there is no clearly defined path to becoming successful in the entertainment industry, so the story that leads to your success often appears unclear.

And more importantly, nobody teaches you how to define what “successful” means to YOU.


For some “success” is all about awards, money, & prestige. But for others “success” could simply mean collaborating on projects that have a meaningful and positive impact on the world while simultaneously having the time & energy left over for the most important people in their lives.

Having interviewed over 200 industry professionals, Oscar and Emmy winners, New York Times bestselling authors in the fields of behavioral psychology, habit formation, health & well-being, cognitive fitness, and the science of success, I’ve discovered that although it might not be obvious…

There is a very clear 3-step formula that is the foundation for just about everyone’s “overnight success” story

  • 1 You have to clearly identify the ladder you want to climb (and understand how climbing it is in alignment with your deeper ‘Why’)
  • 2 You have to focus intensely on becoming awesome at your craft.
  • 3 You have to focus the remainder of your time, energy, and attention on making sure the right people know you are awesome at your craft.

And none of the above happens without the meta skills of → Focus and Time Management.

- Patrick Norman, Documentary Director & Editor

“My mental energy has improved significantly since taking this program, I can now stay in a state of creative flow (thanks to time blocking!), and I now approach everything with intention. Learning how to separate ‘life management’ from ‘project management’ has taken a huge weight off my shoulders.”

- Patrick Norman, Documentary Director & Editor

Here’s what your life looks like when you work from a plan:

  • You are focused on your goals and can identify your next steps, as opposed to feeling like you have to “take the next gig” because you’re not sure if anything better will ever come along
  • You feel incredibly “productive” at the end of a long day having accomplished the right things, as opposed to always feeling “busy” like you’re spinning on a hamster wheel to nowhere
  • You no longer procrastinate (or waste half your day reading the news or social media) because you have the tools, the strategies, and the mindset to better manage and prioritize your time
  • You have established the daily & weekly habits necessary to move more, sleep more, and eat better thus having the resiliency to better manage the wear & tear of working in Hollywood
  • You no longer believe “I’m not good enough,” or “I can’t make this happen,” or “This doesn’t work for people like me.”
  • You love going to work so much everyday that you ask the question, “Are they really paying me to do this?” while at the same time getting paid well and still having energy left over to live your life outside of work.
Here’s the most powerful strategy you’ll learn in this entire program:

How to Identify Your ‘One Thing’

Here’s the key takeaway from this video:

You don’t need to summon superhuman focus & energy to topple the largest dominoes in your life such that it seems useless to even try.

All you have to do is prioritize the many things you could be doing down to literally the ‘One Thing’ such that if you accomplish it, everything after it becomes easier.


Stop trying to push a boulder up a mountain

I’m going to show you how to effortlessly roll a tiny snowball down the hill such that it becomes an unstoppable avalanche
- Emily Zhai, Editor

“Before I was jumping around doing random things, and always around lunchtime I would get distracted (sometimes for hours). Having ‘Macro’ and ‘Micro’ goals helped me focus, and now I know I’m on the right path and this is the thing I need to do right now.”

- Emily Zhai, Editor

So...what’s your ‘One Thing’?

What is that single domino that if you knocked it over next would help you accomplish something small (yet important) that creates the positive momentum you need to move closer to your most important goals?

Time to level up your career and make a major career transition?

Is refreshing your résumé or portfolio website your “One Thing” so you can tell a better story about your skills to prospective collaborators because you’re concerned you might not have the experience yet to land your coveted dream job?

Or maybe the domino that starts the chain reaction is developing your outreach skills so you can virtually build your network from your laptop and connect with a mentor (or several) that will help you open doors you’ve struggled to open up until now?

Or is it perhaps time to become a time management ninja?

Are you so exhausted from spinning your wheels with busy work and putting out fires all day long that the mere thought of prioritizing your resume, portfolio, or networking seems impossible? Maybe your “One Thing” is eliminating distractions and becoming a master of Deep Work?

Or perhaps your “One Thing” is getting as good at using your calendar as you are at using the software that earns you a living so you can better budget your time, your energy, and your attention?

Or maybe there’s no way you can prioritize any of the above because you’re just too BURNED. OUT. All you have the energy for right now is survival.

If that’s the case, maybe your “One Thing” is developing healthier lifestyle habits such as:

Moving more throughout your workday so you don’t feel like you were hit by a truck after another 12 hour stretch at your computer?

Developing better morning & evening routines so sleep doesn’t continue being “optional”?

Prioritizing your needs above others all the time (gasp?) and advocating for yourself so you have the energy to serve others?

Let’s Be Honest…

I’m guessing the chances are good you’re reading all of this and thinking,

“Are you kidding about choosing my ‘One Thing?’ I’m too busy just making it through my day. I have no idea where to even start!”

Whether or not you’re already clear on what comes next for you and you require the tools, insider tips, and tactics to take action…

…or if you have no idea where to start because you are so overwhelmed with what you “should be” doing that you end up feeling frozen and you just do nothing (or you doom scroll social media all day and night)…

The Optimizer Coaching & Mentorship Program has your back.


The Optimizer
Coaching & Mentorship Program

Zack Arnold

The only coaching program designed specifically for ambitious creatives that takes a holistic approach to designing your dream career.

(that also includes a healthy dose of work-life balance)

Not only can we help you pursue


truly inspires you.

We can also help you optimize


you work.

And most importantly we’ll reconnect you with


you love what you do.

  • icon Design the unique path to your dream job
  • icon Build your dream network of collaborators
  • icon Learn how to work smarter (instead of harder)
  • icon Become a time management and calendar ninja
  • icon Reconnect with the passion you had when you first began your career (I promise it’s still there!)

Most importantly, you’ll have:


about your most important goals


you are taking the right actions

A step-by-step system that ensures you take action with


- Sam Lavin, Writer & Director

“I’ve gotten so much done over the last few months I didn’t think was possible. I’m almost done with a pilot that has confounded me for YEARS. For some reason I had a mental block. If I hadn’t done this program I wouldn’t have had a seven page short ready submit when the right opportunity came up… which it did!”

- Sam Lavin, Writer & Director

Here’s what’s included in the

Optimizer Coaching & Mentorship Program


Our Most Popular Self-Guided Online Courses, Workshops, & Masterclasses

Get access “Netflix-style” to over $2000 worth (and 20+ hours) of the cornerstone educational, motivational, and inspirational courses, workshops, masterclasses, and student case studies that hundreds of students across 6 different continents have used to get life-changing results.

Design Yourself

Design your unique path to the more balanced, more sustainable, and more fulfilling dream career (and dream life) that you deserve.

No longer will you have to define yourself just by what you do.

Now you’ll be able to define yourself by who you really are.

Focus Yourself

‘Focus Yourself’ is a self-guided 8-module online course with over 9 hours of video training (not to mention 12+ hours of expert interviews) where I’ll teach you how to better manage your time, your energy, and your attention so you can summon your creativity on demand, organize your life so you can stop focusing on busy work, and start focusing on your life’s work.

In today’s hyperconnected world of 24/7 distractions (especially working from home), focus has become the superpower of the 21st century.

Become a Calendar Ninja

Master your calendar so you can do higher quality creative work in less time (and actually enjoy your life outside of work)


Transform your calendar from the random app you occasionally use so you don’t forget a doctor’s appointment – to becoming the master budget for how you spend your time, prioritize your life, and manage your most important asset → YOUR CREATIVITY.

The Optimizer Vault

Access the best resources this community has to offer including my Office Hours “Greatest Hits” to overcome any obstacle standing between you and your goals.

Watch “Before & After” comparisons of multiple Hot Seat sessions strung together so you can watch the entire process unfold. Deep Dive Case Studies to really dig deep into specific student journeys. Mastermind Q&A conversations with members of this community as well as industry experts. Get bonus resources & docs, with much more to come!

Move Yourself

‘Move Yourself’ is a self-guided four module online course with over five hours of video training & tutorials (including 10 hours of expert interviews) that will teach you how to:

Sit Less. Focus More. Live Longer.

And become so active through your workday you’ll never feel guilty for skipping exercise again.

Move Yourself Activity Video Vault

Includes over 100+ short videos with simple exercises to help you reduce & eliminate the chronic pain that comes with a largely sedentary lifestyle at a computer. These exercises and routines are designed and demonstrated by licensed chiropractors, certified yoga instructors, and as a bonus I’ve included a few extra videos from yours truly to help you level up your focus & creative energy right at your desk.

Build Your Dream Network

Target the EXACT People to Network With To Land Your Next Dream Job

In a single afternoon go from “I have no idea who to connect with” to having clarity about the next steps in your creative career path so you can strategically build your network with the right people who can open career doors you never imagined possible.

The Way of the Networking Ninja

Effortlessly connect with A-listers and “Experts” to seek much-needed advice, set up meetings, schedule shadowing opportunities, and even land your dream job!

*Without sounding desperate or bothering people. 😉

Learn how to summon the power of cold outreach to provide value, build relationships, find a mentor, and even land your dream job!
(5+ hours of videos, email teardowns, and Q&A)

Weekly Access to “Office Hours”

Normally it costs thousands of dollars to get time with me privately, but you get access to me every week when you attend my Office Hours (via Zoom). And not just to say “hi” for a minute…you can schedule a one-on-one “Hot Seat” with me for up to 20 minutes per session…every week if you need it!

Zack Arnold

For anytime you can’t attend Office Hours live, you have 24/7 access to the following as long as you’re a paid member:

The Optimizer Vault

As a member of Optimizer, you’ll have access to over 200 hours of Office Hours. I know that’s a LOT of hours to go through, so I’ve hand-picked the BEST of my Office Hours and curated them into a value-packed, digestible ‘Greatest Hits’. So you’ll get the juiciest and MOST useful coaching sessions organized into the following..

  • icon Workshopping outreach emails (cold & warm)
  • icon Workshopping résumés
  • icon Workshopping portfolio websites
  • icon Preparing for important job interviews
  • icon Preparing for meetings & Zoom calls
  • icon Debating potential job opportunities
  • icon Deep dive mock job interviews

The Optimizer Vault also includes the following bonuses:

  • icon A curated list of my best podcasts specifically related to career development
  • icon My own personal recommended reading list
  • icon An archive of past Mastermind Q&A sessions with industry experts and community members discussing a variety of topics related to career development, lifestyle challenges, industry politics, and so much more!

Unlimited Access to ALL of my previous coaching sessions in
The ‘Office Hours Archives’

Access every single Office Hours “Hot Seat” I’ve ever conducted and listen to the audio recording, read the transcript, or search by subject & keyword for exactly what you need to solve your next challenge. Whatever your question, I’ve probably already answered it. 😉

Zack Arnold
- Brian Thomas, Preditor

“I can’t attend live but I get so much out of the Hot Seats while I’m at the gym or doing housework. I consider them the greatest and most interesting podcast out there and have listened to every single minute since I started the class in Jan!”

- Brian Thomas, Preditor

The Optimizer Slack Community

Connect with hundreds of creative professionals all over the world for support, accountability, mentorship, and maybe even your next gig! (It happens a lot more often than you might think)

Zack Arnold

You’ll have private access to Optimizer-only Slack channels including:


Where community members often share work opportunities before they hit the Facebook groups and job boards.

#jobs #jobs


Where you can connect with other members of the community for personal accountability, sharing skills, or group masterminds based on your career goals.


Where you can get group feedback on your cover letter, resume, portfolio website, demo reel, outreach emails, and so much more.



Where we motivate and support each other to achieve our goals and stick with healthier, more productive habits. We also do fun monthly challenges with prizes included!

#accountability #accountability

And by far my FAVORITE Slack Channel of all, our #wins channel where students share their biggest success stories to motivate & inspire our whole community!


#wins #wins #wins #wins #wins #wins #wins #wins #wins

The Optimizer Member Directory

Search our private database of global Optimizer members by location, profession, previous credits, skill sets, and so much more. The connections that have been made simply by students searching this database are worth the price of admission alone!

Zack Arnold

You don’t have to keep going at this alone.
From the moment you join, every single Optimizer will become invested in helping you succeed.

There are three different ways we can work together to help you realize your full creative potential based on your schedule, your needs, and your finances.

Work with me

The ESSENTIAL Coaching Package

Get access to over $1000 of my best online courses, workshops, and masterclasses on time management, optimizing your calendar, balancing your health, and more. Plus, you get access to HUNDREDS of hours of my Office Hours recordings where I coach students through a multitude of challenges, including all of the “Greatest Hits” in the Advance Yourself Vault.

This is the best package for students who prefer self-guided learning and like to go at their own pace (with minimal accountability).

The PREMIUM Coaching Package

This is our most popular option and grants you everything in the “Essential” coaching package PLUS additional networking courses & LIVE access to me via my bi-weekly Office Hours to schedule one-on-one “Hot Seat” sessions. You will also have access to an amazing global community of creative professionals via Slack where you can make direct connections to like-minded professionals working towards similar goals. Who knows, maybe you’ll get your next big career break here!

This is the best package for people who want more hands-on help & accountability (not to mention who want to grow their professional network).

Work with me
Work with me

The OPTIMIZED Coaching Package*

This option grants you access to everything included in the “Premium” coaching package PLUS you will also be able to join a small group coaching class for 12 weeks (90 minutes per class) to learn everything in either my Focus Yourself curriculum (goal setting, getting things done, time management) or my Advance Yourself curriculum (building your dream network, mastering networking & outreach, preparing yourself for job opportunities).
*NOTE: Spots are limited and enrollment is by application only

This is the best package for laser-focused students who want to squeeze every ounce of opportunity from this program and optimize their experience.

- Graham Elliot, Animation Editor

“It was a pure delight working with you Zack and making my goals happen. I feel like I just did something I didn’t know how to do in the past, and it’s an invaluable life skill that will continue to reap rewards throughout my life. So thank you.”

- Graham Elliot, Animation Editor

Ready to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?

I’ve been told by numerous students this is one of the most challenging experiences they’ve ever been through…but also one of the most rewarding. You will be pushed outside your comfort zone and learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible, but with that discomfort will also come tremendous personal and professional growth.

Most importantly…

This program will help you unlock the optimized version of you.


The ESSENTIAL coaching package includes access to the following:

Over $1000 worth of our most popular online courses, including:

  • Design Yourself
  • Focus Yourself
  • Move Yourself
  • Move Yourself Video Vault
  • “Calendar Ninja” Workshop

The absolute best from my coaching call archives in:

  • The Optimizer Vault
  • Office Hours archives

Includes a 30-day money back guarantee

My premium career development & networking courses: ($597 value)

  • Build Your Dream Network
  • The Way of the Networking Ninja
  • 3+ hr BONUS Student Case Study
    “From Corporate to Hollywood”

The Optimizer Slack community, including:

  • #jobs channel
  • #networking channel
  • #workshopping channels
  • #wins channel (for motivation & inspiration)

The Optimizer Member Directory

Weekly LIVE Office Hours coaching calls

  • Schedule 20min “Hot Seats” with Zack
  • If you can’t attend live, all sessions are recorded and transcribed for your review

12 weeks of small group classes with personalized coaching:

  • 90 min each week via Zoom


The OPTIMIZED coaching package includes access to the following:

Over $1000 worth of our most popular online courses, including:

  • Design Yourself
  • Focus Yourself
  • Move Yourself
  • Move Yourself Video Vault
  • “Calendar Ninja” Workshop

The absolute best from my coaching call archives in:

  • The Advance Yourself Vault
  • Office Hours archives

Includes a 30-day money back guarantee

My premium career development & networking courses: ($597 value)

  • Build Your Dream Network
  • The Way of the Networking Ninja
  • 3+ hr BONUS Student Case Study
    “From Corporate to Hollywood”

The Optimizer Slack community, including:

  • #jobs channel
  • #networking channel
  • #workshopping channels
  • #wins channel (for motivation & inspiration)

The Optimizer Member Directory

Weekly LIVE Office Hours coaching calls

  • Schedule 20min “Hot Seats” with Zack
  • If you can’t attend live, all sessions are recorded and transcribed for your review

12 weeks of small group classes with personalized coaching:

  • 90 min each week via Zoom

4 monthly payments of:



Not convinced this is the right fit for you, or you have
more questions about how coaching & mentorship works?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

- Joseph Suzuki, Assistant & Visual FX Editor

“When we first met I had near zero confidence. While there’s much work to be done, you gave me enough ink, paper, and whiteout to start redrafting what was frankly a really sh*tty script. I’ve been spending the last month solving problems for seasoned editors, producers, and Amazon folks with more confidence that I thought was possible. The producers are already trying to book me for their next show! Thank you for an incredible six months.”

- Joseph Suzuki, Assistant & Visual FX Editor

Frequently Asked Questions

NO, this program is not just for editors. My job title may have been “Film & Television Editor” for the last twenty years, but my profession is “Storyteller.” In this program I’m going to use my storytelling skills to help you rewrite, refine, and retell your own story as you embark up your Hero’s Journey.

I have many members of this program who are not editors (and not even in the entertainment industry), including writers, directors, producers, composers, actors, entrepreneurs, college professors, engineers, and more.

The only prerequisite for this course is a willingness to get uncomfortable, roll up your sleeves, and start writing a new draft of your story with my guidance and support.

How much time we can work together in a one-on-one setting depends on your budget, your available time, and your willingness to get uncomfortable. 🙂


  • You’ll have access to all of the self-guided online courses listed above in the pricing table for the ESSENTIAL package
  • You’ll have unlimited 24/7 access to my previous Office Hours recordings
  • You’ll have unlimited 24/7 access to the Advance Yourself Vault for my Hot Seat “Greatest Hits”


  • Includes everything in the ESSENTIAL Coaching package, plus the networking courses
  • This upgrade grants you weekly access to attend all of my Office Hours call LIVE
  • You may schedule a one-on-one 20 minute “Hot Seat” session whenever needed, pending availability


  • This grants you everything in the ESSENTIAL & PREMIUM Coaching packages
  • Small Group Coaching will include x12 90-minute group calls per week, and attendance is mandatory (but if you can’t make it one or two weeks, no big deal. All sessions are recorded)

In short, this program covers whatever you need it to cover. With access to some of my best current online courses, masterclasses, and workshops, it’s Choose Your Own Adventure!

No matter your goals, I’ll help you design the path. Then I’ll help you design a plan to overcome all of the obstacles that are going to stop you.

If your goals are health-oriented, we’ll design the path to build the right habits for you to meet your goals.

If your goals are time management-related, you’ll learn how to better manage your time than you ever thought possible. You will be well on the path to becoming a ‘Time Management Ninja.’

If your goals are career-specific, we’ll design the path that you thought didn’t exist before and prioritize your next most important steps.

Small group is the best fit for you if you value accountability and you prefer getting the most out of the curriculum and being immersive. Small group is also the best fit if you also have more personal & sensitive topics to discuss in a more intimate setting (e.g. burnout, depression, overwhelm, limiting beliefs, etc).

Small group is NOT a good fit for you if you want to learn at your own pace or ask questions or advice about topics outside the curriculum, e.g. you want to workshop your résumé even though the weekly topic is time management (or vice versa).



If you choose to work with me in a small group, this will be just like joining an online college course. You will be expected to show up to all weekly 90 minute calls – attendance is mandatory (if you’re concerned about missing one or two weeks that isn’t a big deal. All sessions will be recorded so you can catch up with anything you miss).

You can either take the Focus Yourself class to clarify your goals, improve your time management, and develop the skill of Deep Work.

Or you can take the Advance Yourself class to design the path to your dream job, build your network, and learn how to present your services (without having to pitch, promote, or sell yourself)

I designed this program specifically for busy, ambitious working professionals (who probably also have a family).

If you are enrolling in the SELF-GUIDED options, you choose how much effort you put into the program. But my recommendation is a minimum of 5 hours per week.

If you are enrolling in one of the SMALL GROUP options, anticipate an average of 3-5 hours per week of work in addition to your weekly Zoom calls for video lessons, worksheets, and assignments.

All small group classes and Office Hours coaching calls are held virtually via Zoom on weekday mornings (Pacific time).

If you are interested in either the private or small group options, you must be available for either 60 or 90 minutes once a week somewhere between 8-11am Pacific time. If you choose to apply for the private or small group options, we will discuss which day and time best fits your schedule and needs.

If you are interested in PREMIUM Coaching, I hold my Office Hours for 3 hours per week on Zoom weekday mornings between 8-9:30am Wed & Fri. Because attendance is not mandatory, you do not need to make yourself available during these times each week. But if you want to schedule a ‘Hot Seat’ with me, anticipate it will be a 20 minute block somewhere between 8-9:30am Pacific two mornings per week.

Unfortunately I currently do not offer coaching on evenings & weekends. If the above times do not fit your schedule, you may enroll in the ESSENTIAL Coaching package and work through the content at your own pace.

If you enroll in either the private or small group options, attendance is mandatory. If you must miss a private session we can reschedule for a later date (with 24-hrs advanced notice). If you are enrolled in the small group program the call will continue as scheduled, but all coaching calls are recorded and you will have access to past session audio recordings & searchable transcripts.

If you only plan to attend Office Hours as needed, attendance is not mandatory. You may choose to participate as it suits your schedule. You are welcome to attend any and all sessions as a background participant, and you also have the option to schedule 20-minute one-on-one “Hot Seat” sessions. All sessions are recorded and you will have access to past audio recordings and searchable transcripts.

NOTE: Live Office Hours is NOT included in the ESSENTIAL package.

Absolutely! You do not need to be local to Los Angeles, or California, or even the United States to get the most out of this program. You just need to be available for anywhere between 20 and 90 minutes per week between 8-11am Pacific time for coaching calls.

I have students all over the country and the globe from North Carolina, New York, Maryland, Ireland, Denmark, Columbia, Chile, Australia, and more.

The only prerequisite to being a member of this community is a willingness to work hard, step outside your comfort zone, and be a positive member of this global community.

There are no longer any long-term commitments to join this program. While you used to have to join for a minimum of 12 weeks, we have now made it more accessible (and affordable) for those who just need to get support here and there. But if you really want to commit to making a lasting change, the yearly subscription is the best bang for your buck and will save you almost 50%.

If you cannot afford to enroll in any of the group coaching options at this time, I highly recommend checking out my self-guided Focus Yourself program as this is the EXACT same curriculum all my students use as the foundation of the coaching & mentorship program. You can go through it in as little as four weeks, or take as long as you need. You’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS.

If you’d like to enroll in either the Advance Yourself or Focus Yourself small group classes, the enrollment deadline  is Thursday, May 5th, 11:59pm Eastern time. Spring semester orientation is Friday, May 5th at 8am Pacific.

If you missed the deadline but you’d still like to enroll in a self-guided option, reach out to my team at support@optimizeyourself.me and let’s chat to see if we can find you a spot.

No matter the coaching option you choose and the number of Hot Seats you are granted, Hot Seats expire when you leave the community. There are no exceptions.

Hot Seats also do not rollover month-to-month, meaning you cannot schedule all ‘Office Hours’ Hot Seats in the final weeks of the semester because you procrastinated and waited until the end of the program to dive into the course materials.

If you have unused Hot Seats at the end of the semester they do not carry any monetary value, and you cannot request a pro-rated refund for unused sessions.

It is your responsibility to prioritize your time and be intentional with it. Schedule accordingly.

If for whatever reason this program isn’t the right fit, you have 30 days to request a no-questions-asked refund. You will also receive a pro-rated refund for any unused sessions in your first month (if you enrolled in a small group class).

Upon your 31st day after registration, if you haven’t requested a refund, you commit to the remainder of this program and no further refunds will be granted.

I stand by the quality of this program and the results it gets for my students. I’m happy to grant you a no-questions-asked refund within 30 days because I’m confident you’ll never need to ask for one. 🙂

If you have additional questions not answered above, reach out to support@optimizeyourself.me

About Zack Arnold

The host of the Optimize Yourself podcast and the creator of this coaching & mentorship community.

In this program my mission is to help you DO better and BE better.

“Doing” better means learning how to more effectively manage your time, your energy, and your creativity so you can produce higher quality work in less time (and ultimately become a time management ninja).

“Being” better means doing all of the above while still prioritizing the most important people, things, and passions in your life…all without sacrificing your health (or sanity) in the process.

As an ambitious creative professional who’s spent the last twenty years working in Hollywood as a film & TV editor (recent shows include Netflix’s Cobra Kai, Empire, Glee, and Burn Notice), I’ve battled depression and burnout more times than I can keep track of. Having been diagnosed with adult-onset ADD in my mid-twenties, I spent over a decade flailing as I slowly learned how to balance a demanding career, having two kids, and just trying to survive.

Zack Arnold

Then I decided “survival” wasn’t enough...I wanted to thrive.

And that’s what brings me to you today. Having been on this journey myself from barely making it through the day to having so much energy left over that I’ve chosen to spend the last two and a half years training to become an American Ninja Warrior, I know how overwhelming it can feel taking the first step. I’ve got your back. I’m here to help shorten your learning curve so you can avoid many of the costly and time-consuming mistakes I’ve made along the way.

To be clear: If you’re looking for all the answers, I am not the mentor for you.

I am not an expert, and I’m definitely not your guru.

You and I are on the exact same journey, I just happen to be a step or two ahead on the path. Therefore my job is to shorten your learning curve by sharing my best discoveries with you over the next 12 weeks (and beyond!).

Zack Arnold
Zack Arnold
Zack Arnold

In my career I’ve worked with the following studios: Netflix, Home Box Office, Sony Pictures Television, Walt Disney Studios, 20th Century Fox Television, Paramount Television, Fox Searchlight, Universal Cable Productions, ABC, NBC, Dreamworks, Warner Bros, USA Network, Lionsgate Films, Paramount Classics, and many more.

My work as an editor, documentary director, teacher, podcaster, and writer has been featured in such publications as ForbesThe Huffington PostNPRI Will Teach You to be Rich, LinkedIn LearningCinema Editor Magazine (ACE)CinemontagePost Magazine, Post Perspective, Frame.io, Film Editing Pro, and many more.

At this point I’ve achieved my goals in the entertainment industry. Now I want to help you achieve yours.


My Commitment to You

If this program isn’t the right fit for you, if the timing isn’t right, or if financially you can’t make it work, I totally understand. No hard feelings whatsoever.

However, if you’re hesitating because this program seems scary, or I might push you outside your comfort zone, guess what? Outside your comfort zone is the only place things are going to happen for you. You can either continue waiting for opportunities to find you, or you can start creating your opportunities.

Here’s my promise to you:

The moment you enroll in this program, I will be 100% invested in your success.

  • Your goals become my goals.
  • Your obstacles become my obstacles.
  • Your challenges become my challenges.

I will be in your back pocket 24/7 (via Slack) to answer any questions you might have during your journey, and we’ll work together every week via Zoom to clearly define your next steps, no matter your goal.

You’ll also have the support of everyone else in the ‘Optimizer’ community on the same journey as you. It’s literally like connecting to an instant network of new best friends and colleagues who are overcoming the same obstacles as you that want to help you succeed!

But here’s the thing…I can’t help you.


Isn’t that what coaching and mentorship is all about?

Not quite. Only you can help you.

I can’t take the action that will lead you towards the most important goals in life.

My role is to make sure you are asking the RIGHT questions and taking the RIGHT actions for yourself. And like the sherpa leading you towards Mt. Everest, I’ll be there by your side to ensure you don’t take the wrong path.

I’ll give you the CLARITY you desire so you finally know what your goal is. And to clarify, there’s a big difference between your dreams and your goals.

I’ll give you the CONFIDENCE that every single action in your calendar is the right one. If you’re tired of being “busy” all the time and you’re ready to become “effective,” I’m your guy.

And I’ll help you build an action plan that ensures you follow through with CONSISTENCY.

Sound like a good fit so far? If so, then let’s do this!

P.S. If you’re a procrastinator, you can do that later. 😜