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“If you were ever stuck on a desert island, trapped in the middle of nowhere, or at a crossroads with no idea what to do next, “Optimize Yourself” would be your compass to lead you in the right direction in balancing your professional and personal life. This is the Swiss Army knife of podcasts, a total life-changer!”
– Brock Shekelton

Let’s design the optimized version of you.

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Main Topics of Conversation

  • #FocusYourself

    Learn how to develop laser-sharp creative focus, minimize busy work and distractions, and maximize creative work time by becoming a productivity ninja so you have time left over to live your life!

  • #AdvanceYourself

    Learn how to forge your own path and do what it really takes to advance in your career as a creative professional and land your “dream job.”

  • #MoveYourself

    Learn how to combat the negative effects of working a sedentary job and become more active throughout your workday (without the need to “hit the gym”).

  • #BalanceYourself

    Learn how to find a little work-life balance amongst the insanity of 21st century living by eating better, sleeping better, and managing stress more effectively.

  • #InspireYourself

    Because if there’s one thing this world needs now it’s a little positive inspiration and motivation to do good.

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