Ep222: Is Artificial Intelligence Coming for Your Job? Maybe…and Here’s How to Prepare | with Michael Kammes

As Michael Kammes put it, AI is not going away and we cannot fight this fact (or it). Whether you’re feeling as if your career is threatened by AI, or you are excited about the potential career advancement it can assist you with, you’re going to love this conversation as much as I did.


Ep211: Severance Creator Dan Erickson On Staying True to Your Creative Vision, Becoming An “Overnight Success,” and the Blurred Lines Between Work & Life

This episode offers valuable insights into the making of Severance, as well as practical tips for anyone striving to find balance in their own life (I even put Dan on the Hot Seat to help him tackle his current work-life balance challenges).


Ep206: Career & Life Advice from The Office Director & Producer | with Jen Celotta

Being that both Jen and myself are creatives with ADD, our conversation covers a massive range of topics including: following your passion (or not), how to fail forwards, why you should never “fake it til you make it”, and what specific quality will set you (and your career) up for success.