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Ep99: How to Provide Value & Get Paid What You’re Worth | Mastermind Q&A with Monica Daniel

With the unemployment rate over 95% in the entertainment industry1, it’s common to have had the following thought in the last several weeks:

“If my entire livelihood depends on other people’s ideas and projects, maybe my livelihood shouldn’t depend on other people’s projects anymore?”

This has become a very common thought amidst the pandemic. Here’s what a member of our community had to say in Episode 97:

“Ultimately I love what I do. But I’d also love a lot more flexibility. I feel like you always have to say yes to a job, and I’d love to have the flexibility to turn the job down unless it’s something that I’m really interested in.”

In today’s Community Q&A I invited special guest, TV editor Monica Daniel, to speak very candidly about her desire to find alternate ways to generate income besides editing television. As a single mother with a special needs child her time is limited to build her own empire, yet Monica has tremendous knowledge and value to share with the world.

Is it possible for her to monetize her knowledge and build a business that can generate additional income aside from her regular career?

And more importantly can she overcome the psychological fears, the imposter syndrome, and the many limiting beliefs that are most likely the only thing stopping her from taking the next steps towards financial freedom?

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Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Our Optimizers group’s thoughts on where we left off last week regarding providing value to others, starting a side-hustle, and making money during the global pandemic while we’re all stuck at home.
  • A quick update from our favorite “hot seat contestant”, Debby Germino on her progress. (HINT: She’s been taking massive action.)
  • The Big Question: “How can I provide value that people are happy to pay for in ways I may not have thought about before now that I’m under quarantine?”
  • How editor, Krysia Szyszlo is leveraging her Psychology degree and personal interests into a side hustle as a dating and relationship coach. She even has clients already!

Listen as Zack puts Monica Daniel in the “hot seat” for a live laser coaching session. He helps reveal astonishing insights into what’s holding her back from monetizing her valuable knowledge, experience, & assets (such as her online following who hang on her every word).

  • Monica’s compelling reason WHY she’s pursuing a more flexible & independent way of earning income.
  • The story of Monica’s “Internet celebrity” status (wink) and how a random Facebook post inspired her to create a workshop on Assistant Editing in Scripted Television for BCPC that sold out in 40 minutes!
  • The “magic question” she asked people which made her realize that she has a unique voice, perspective and relatability that appeals to aspiring assistant editors in a way that sets her apart from mentors with prestigious credentials.
  • Why Monica believes the old adage “you have to pay your dues” is B.S. which can discourage talented creatives. And why her thinking about how to approach a career gives people the hope and reassurance they need to succeed.
  • A transformative coaching experience happens in real time: Don’t miss the powerful, paradigm shifting questions Zack asks which affirmed Monica’s value and breaks down her limiting belief around monetizing the knowledge she shares.
  • How giving some stuff away for free turns out to be a great way to attract people willing to pay you. (When you do it right.)
  • Why it’s actually good for people when they have to pay for your services as a mentor, coach, or trainer. HINT: How much more committed are you to following through with a training program when you’ve invested your hard-earned money into it versus when it’s free?
  • 2 industry examples of people who monetized their knowledge in totally non-exploitative ways:
    • Lori Jane Coleman who wrote the ‘bible’ for working as an assistant editor
    • Norman Holland who traveled the world getting paid to teach
  • “Who am I to charge people for this?” – How to overcome ‘imposter syndrome’ and the emotional drivers that cause it.
  • Key mindset: “Don’t pursue perfect at the expense of good enough.”
  • Zack’s biggest transformation after 6+ years of doing this: The first time somebody gave him $97
  • Huge takeaway: “It’s not even about making money, it’s about teaching myself that I’m worthy of the value I’m asking from others.”

The group goes into more questions such as:

  • “What if I don’t know where to start? How do I even find an idea?”
  • “What are the things I already enjoy where I feel like I can provide value?”
  • “What if I’m not an expert?”

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Monica Daniel has edited various genres of television that have been broadcast worldwide over the last decade. She is known for her “sh*tting sparkles” slogan from her award show red carpet work. She recently transitioned from editing reality television into a high level scripted network show, and our conversation today breaks down her journey and how you can walk away with actionable steps to make the same transition, regardless of your situation.

Show Credits:

This episode was edited by Curtis Fritsch, and the show notes were prepared and published by Glen McNiel.

The original music in the opening and closing of the show is courtesy of Joe Trapanese (who is quite possibly one of the most talented composers on the face of the planet).

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