Ep192: [CASE STUDY] How a Single Outreach Email Led to a Dream Job at Marvel | with Matthew Farrugia

My interview with Matthew will cover the exact cold outreach email networking steps he learned in the Optimizer program that took him from working in a paint store to, as he calls it, “working jobs he thought would be his endgame.” (pun intended Marvel fans)


Ep191: Embracing Neurodiversity in the Workplace | with Simon Smith, ACE

In this conversation, Simon shares with us that autism is nothing more than a difference in the way the mind works, and we discuss the importance of embracing all forms of neurodiversity in the workplace such that we can utilize everyone’s value.


Ep190: Transforming Your Disabilities Into Superpowers | with Erik Stolhanske

If you’ve ever felt as if a specific disability in your life has been sabotaging you from achieving the life you dream of, you’re going to love Erik’s advice on how to not only to accept your disability (and yes, we ALL have one) but how to turn it into your superpower.


Your Dream Job → do you know how to define it?

This past weekend I had the opportunity to lead a webinar for hundreds of film & television editors who are members of the Motion Picture Editor’s Guild (MPEG) titled “How to Connect With Hollywood A-listers and Land Your Dream Job.” And in this webinar I shared what I believe are the five fundamental skills anyone can learn (with deliberate and consistent practice) to define a more fulfilling career path.


Ep189: Optimizing Sleep, Productivity, & Creativity Using Ultradian Rhythms and Self-Tracking | with Dr. Azure Grant

Whether you’ve been feeling the effects of too many tasks with too little sleep for weeks or decades, or you just want to nerd out on self-quantification, Dr. Grant will give you simple, practical steps to bring you back to balance by resetting your sleep and energy cycles.


On Teslas, Model-T’s, and…Sasquatch?

For years I’ve written about harnessing the power of time management to take your creativity and career to a whole new level (as long as you don’t sacrifice your well-being in the process). And last week I even went so far as to proclaim time management is the #1 metaskill to master if you intend to survive our 24/7 deliver-at-all-costs work culture that worships productivity above life itself.