Ep77: Your Time Is Worthless (Here’s How to Invest It Properly) | with Matt Sandrini

Author and productivity expert Matt Sandrini believes that time has no intrinsic value and is “essentially worthless.” Given that I have been saying for years that “Your time is your most important asset,” you’d think we wouldn’t have much to talk about in this conversation, right? On the contrary, by the end of this conversation Matt not only convinced me that our time is in fact worthless, but I’ll bet that we’ll convince you of the same!

As the founder of Time Zillionaire and the author of Invest Your Time, Matt has coached business owners, CEO’s, and entrepeneurs around the world to take control of their time and boost performance. Therefore Matt is no stranger to using time as effectively as possible to achieve the most important goals in life. His story is very similar to mine in that he was a Type-A overachiever who hit a giant wall and burned out (more than once). As he emerged from the dark hole he assumed he needed to strive for “work-life balance” only to discover that was the last thing he should be searching for.

In this conversation Matt and I discuss the true value of your time and how to use it most effectively (Note: Being ‘effective is much different than being ‘efficient’). We also discuss why creativity and structure are not enemies, and how to most effectively plan your week no different than you might budget your finances for the week or month. Most importantly, we dispel the myth that we should all be searching for some semblance of ‘balance’ and discuss what to cultivate and strengthen instead.

If you’re interested in learning how to better balance and manage your time, this is the conversation for you. Matt was also kind enough to provide a link to his 7-Day Productivity Challenge which you can participate in for free by visiting timezillionaire.com/challenge.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How to plan your week as easily as planning your budget
  • The true value of your time and how to use it effectively
  • How seeing time in a new light totally change Matt’s life
  • Learning how to have healthy interactions between structure and creativity
  • How the idea of finding a “perfect balance” is a myth
  • The difference between efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ways in which the same amount of time can have different levels of value
  • Learning it’s okay to put yourself on your own calendar
  • Treating time as a careful investment

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Matt’s “7 Days to Productive” Challenge

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Guest Bio:


Matt Sandrini is the founder of timezillionaire.com. He works with top business owners and CEOs around the world to get the structure and clarity they need to double their business and take back control of their time.

He privately coaches top entrepreneurs to take control of their time, boost their performance, and scale faster. His clients are active in sectors including cryptocurrency, real estate, electric cars, design, apps, fashion, food products, media, and more.

His personal transformation started when he left the corporate world as a consultant, and launched his first business: He now travels and works remotely for 6 months of the year, and helps top performers take control of the only resource that is scarce—time.

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