Ep26: The Power of a ‘Mindfulness’ Practice | with Dr. Swati Desai

“Mindfulness” is a buzz word you see on the Internet all the time nowadays, but what does the term mindfulness actually mean? And do I need to wear sandals, eat organic hemp granola, and chant to the stars while somebody balances my chakras to authentically practice mindfulness?

Luckily mindfulness requires nothing more than a willingness to hit the pause button on your life for just a few minutes a day and focus on the present moment. And in doing so it is scientifically proven to help you enhance focus and concentration, decrease anxiety, better manage stress, and improve cognitive function. Not bad for literally doing next to nothing for just a few minutes a day, right?

In this episode (one of my favorite early interviews from my Fitness In Post days) I dive deep into the topic of mindfulness with Dr. Swati Desai, a psychotherapist and mindfulness and meditation expert. We discuss the benefits of developing a regular practice and how to easily apply it to your daily life, and for those who might be skeptical, we even chat a bit about the neuroscience behind mindfulness and meditation so you understand how it’s literally reshaping your brain and your neural pathways to help you become a happier, more relaxed, and more focused human being.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Swati’s background in mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhism
  • The definition of “mindfulness” and how to apply it to your daily life
  • Practicing mindful eating and reshaping neural networks
  • Using mindfulness to reduce cravings for unhealthy foods
  • Mindfulness for psychological eating disorders
  • How practicing mindfulness can improve business ethics
  • How the prefrontal cortex thickens with regular meditation practice
  • The epidemic of burnout in the post-production industry
  • Using biofeedback and acupuncture mats for better sleep
  • An example of a quick yet effective meditation technique
  • Concentration, Relaxation, Equanimity, Self-awareness, Taming your mind (CREST)

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Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation via Harvard Medical School

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Guest Bio:


Dr. Swati Desai: I immersed myself in many worlds, the East and the West, the academics and the practical, the logical world of computer information systems and the non-linear world of human psyche, the rational world of scientific theories and the emotionally intense world of the Art and the psychology. Switching worlds, making personal mistakes, and helping clients led me to a way to make sense of the human predicament and to move towards strength and enjoyment in life.
I call this method C-APT (See apt), Contemplate, Accept, Push a little, and Transition to a better place. It is a combination of psychological tools EMDR and Cognitive Methods with heavy emphasis on contemplative practice of Mindfulness Meditation.

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