Ep21: Using HRV to Reduce Stress (and Master Your Nervous System) | with Ronda Collier

HRV, or “Heart Rate Variability” is a term you might not be familiar with. It’s a biological measurement you should absolutely know just as you would your weight, your cholesterol, or you blood pressure. Simply put, HRV is the measurement of time between your heartbeats. While this sounds relatively simple, what is so profound about this measurement is how it can help you measure the strength of your nervous system, and more importantly how knowing it can help you predict your physical and mental performance based on a simple 5 minute measurement in the morning.

In this episode I have an in-depth conversation with Ronda Collier, the CEO at SweetWater Health, LLC about what HRV is, how to measure it, and most importantly how to interpret these measurements to make improvements in your ability to manage stress and anxiety. This is one of my favorite episodes from very early in the ‘Fitness In Post’ podcast days, and I thought it beneficial to re-release it in advance of my next podcast which is all about Qualia from a company called the Neurohacker Collective, a new supplement that is as close to the Limitless drug as you’re going to get. In that episode coming later this week we talk about heart rate variability, and because it’s such an intriguing topic I wanted to make sure this episode was readily available to help you understand why HRV is something you should prioritize measuring every single day if you’re interested in optimizing your creative performance.


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Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • What is Heart Rate Variability
  • How knowing your HRV can help you predict your physical performance
  • Ronda’s beginnings working tech in post houses
  • Recognizing when your body goes into “fight-or-flight” mode
  • HRV should be equal in importance to your weight, blood pressure, or cholesterol
  • Ways learning about HRV can enable you to combat stress
  • Learn how to easily measure your HRV
  • Knowing the difference between acting and responding
  • Creating a conscious response to your HRV drops with the Sweet Beat App

Useful Resources Mentioned:

Ben Greenfield Fitness NatureBeat App

Bulletproof Radio “Hacking Stress with HRV Sense”

Ben Greenfield “Everything You Need to Know About HRV”

Ben Greenfield Fitness

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Guest Bio:


Ronda Collier, B.S.E.E., M.A. Psychology, is the CEO of SweetWater Health and has more than 25 years of experience in high technology product development with a proven track record of delivering leading edge consumer electronic products within both privately held startups and Fortune 500 corporations. She has spent the last 3 years as an independent scholar researching non-invasive health monitoring techniques to improve overall personal well being. This research led to the founding of SweetWater Health, L.L.C. in 2010.

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